WEDO Media Inc. has been in the storytelling business ever since we launched our first magazine Lake Wedowee Life in 2008. We love connecting people, places, and things to each other through the pages of our publications. After the pandemic, we saw a need to take our storytelling state-wide. The pandemic led to a small-town revival in the best possible way. People were ditching the big cities for the small towns and we saw it firsthand. Alabama Small Towns and Downtowns was launched to give a state-wide presence to the smallest of cities at affordable prices. We are a women-majority-owned business and we love helping communities across Alabama get the recognition they deserve. We have discovered the coolest of towns from the mountains to the beaches of Alabama and love educating tourists and locals alike about what the Great State of Alabama has to offer.
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Are You An Alabama Foodie?

If you are, then we need your help finding the best small town chefs in Alabama!